We at the Eco Friendy Malta Blog love discovering new Eco-friendly products and we are particularly excited about TAPP Water Malta. It is the ultimate sustainable product with a number of benefits attached; first and foremost it eliminates the need to purchase water in single use plastic bottles. Besides that the unit is 100% sustainable as the filter, which is to be replaced every 3 months, is made out of coconut material, which can be disposed of in the organic bin. 

We have tried it at home for over a month now and we are very happy with it. 
The unit itself is aesthetically pleasant, easy to install and very easy to use. The water is clear and smooth, with an extremely clean taste. 

In today’s post we will explain in detail the benefits of drinking filtered tap water in Malta. 

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Many of us living through these strange Covid-19 pandemic times have seen the opportunity to make small but impactful changes into our lives. Changes which lead to positive results for us and for those around us, changes which are both practical and sustainable.

One simple change to consider would be to stop using plastic water bottles for your drinking water supply. This means using tap water, but this can be a challenge as generally in Malta households do not like the taste of their tap water, or trust its contents.
To be clear, Malta’s water supply meets every EU regulation for water quality, so it is safe to drink from the tap. However, like many other EU countries public delivery pipes, household plumbing and the taste which is due to the water treatment that is required for a public water supply means that it may be safe, but it’s not a popular choice.
The solution is to use a tap water filter and various solutions are available from a simple jug filter that lets gravity make water drop through a filter, to a full domestic reverse osmosis water filtration system for your home.

Firstly let’s look at the four main health benefits from drinking filtered tap water.
1.    Great tasting water
Pure drinking water that tastes great means you enjoy drinking water more, and it’s easier to encourage other family members to join you in making sure you are hydrated sufficiently for your health. Benefits can be better skin condition, organ and digestive function. Having instant access to pure drinking water also means less reliance on less healthy drinking options such as carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks all of which can have negative effects on health if overdone.
2.    Less contaminants
Different filter units work in different ways but in general will remove or substantially reduce chlorine, chlorine by products, poor taste, poor odour, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals. Microplastics are a recently discovered new threat that are now believed to be appearing in both our water systems and food; it’s worth checking that any filter you use will filter microplastics, for example most jug filters do not.The removal of substances which are not naturally occurring within our bodies is going to lead to better health all round.

3.    Less plastic waste
Even if we recycle all our plastic bottles, there is still something intrinsically wasteful when going through bottles quickly when drinking plenty of water. Water from our tap is unlimited so we are free to drink as much as we want to be healthy. But when using plastic bottles, especially now the conversation around waste, recycling and single use plastic is growing; inside we know we need to change and yet we resist because it can be inconvenient to change. For our wellness and peace of mind what we need is an affordable, effective and easy to use system that gives us ho-hassle pure drinking water from the tap.
4.    Saves money
Is it a stretch to say that saving money is good for our health? Well certainly it reduces stress as we manage our money better, waste less and have more choices of what to buy. But these small changes help us make better overall changes and so its a good thing for our general wellness and wellbeing to take action for our benefit and then continue with that action. Stopping to use plastic bottles for drinking water is a gateway to more healthy, mindful choices in the future.

The TAPP Water Filter is a home water filter that connects to your kitchen tap and provides pure filtered water instantly. Over 80 contaminants are removed or substantially reduced leaving you with instant pure filtered drinking water saving 90% when compared to bottled water.
The TAPP Water Filter is the most sustainable water filter available in Malta. The ABS plastic casing is recyclable at the end of its long life and the filter refills are 100% organic coconut derived activated carbon blocks which can be disposed of every three months in the organic waste collection.
Simple, affordable and sustainable. 

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