Creating positive changes at Christmas time

If there was ever a time that could push us towards positive change, then this is definitely it! This year we all had our share of fear and faith, reflection and prudence. Besides the chaos and the inconveniences, we have re-discovered extraordinary benefits of slowing down the pace of our lives. Covid taught us many […]

People, Planet and Profit – The future of businesses

In technical terms it is called the Triple Bottom Line and it is the future of all businesses. The TBL is a framework to evaluate the performance of a business, and it takes into consideration the fact that businesses have a huge impact on the world and ensures that this impact is positive. Unfortunately, many so-called […]

How to embrace a Zero-Waste lifesytle

Hands up those who are living a Zero-Waste lifestyle? If I had to ask this question in front of a crowd, I don’t think I’d see any raised hands at all. Why? Because nobody is possibly living the perfect trash-free, plastic-free life that they would wish. Zero-Waste is a process, and it does not happen […]

Let’s connect back to nature!

Welcome back to our Eco friendly Malta Blog!  Today we are grateful for so many things! We all have been an unusual experience and lived a situation that we could have never imagined. It was a dark time where the outside world was forbidden to us and almost all of us were practically locked in […]

Vendor Feature Series #4

Who doesn’t love gemstones!Today we discover Libertalia, a brand by a self-learned artisan who specialises in hand-crafting beautiful pieces of wearable art for fashion and well-being. Featuing a list of stylish and colourful Eco-friendly products in Malta. Libertalia was founded in 2018 by Captain Jeremy Grech after he developed a Crystal & Gemstone obsession. After a […]

Vendor Feature Series #2

Today we are happy to dedicate our feature to another sustainable artist Chantelle Butters. Another green business in Malta Her brand Chantelle Butters creates was launched in Christmas of 2017 with a series of Christmas cards, but not just any cards. She uses recycled kraft paper for all her work and up-cycles all kinds of […]

Turning a negative situation into something beneficial for all!

We had our first Eco Market of the year in March postponed, with possibly April as well. More news will follow soon. We are seeing many other impacted too and know many of our vendors are worried about how this pandemic will impact their business. We want to help! We will be featuring a vendor […]