Let’s connect back to nature!

Welcome back to our Eco friendly Malta Blog!  Today we are grateful for so many things! We all have been an unusual experience and lived a situation that we could have never imagined. It was a dark time where the outside world was forbidden to us and almost all of us were practically locked in […]

Vendor Feature Series #10

Warning: There is a strong possibility that today’s feature will get you craving something sweet! Don’t worry, you can go for it! Its all about guilt-free pleasures…. We will be featuring the ultimate Eco-friendly product in Malta within the food industry. Vegan, healthy, raw and guilt free food in Malta who absolutely cannot be missing […]

Killing routine not the planet

Just two weeks ago, our lives were proceeding in their own usual way. We were working, travelling, making plans, meeting friends, going shopping, hanging out at bars. Suddenly we are living a life that sounds like science-fiction, where the majority of us are isolated at home – with most of the businessess either shut down […]