Hands up those who are living a Zero-Waste lifestyle? If I had to ask this question in front of a crowd, I don’t think I’d see any raised hands at all. Why? Because nobody is possibly living the perfect trash-free, plastic-free life that they would wish. Zero-Waste is a process, and it does not happen over-night. If you try to make a significant change from one day to the next, it is very likely that you won’t succeed. 

Embracing a Zero-Waste lifestyle is a process. It is a mindful deliberation to tackle one habit at a time and stick with it until it becomes part of your daily routine and you don’t even need to think about it anymore. 

The Eco Market’s mission was always to facilitate and encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Our efforts have been, amongst others, organising events featuring a selection of approved eco-vendors together in one place for your convenience, raise awareness about sustainability issues, promoting and highlighting a number of products and services that are exceptionally eco-sustainable, and now we are introducing a new approach. 

Today, we are happy to launch our very first product, the Zero Waste Starter Kit. In collaboration with 7 local green businesses, it consits of a curated variety of every day objects to help you transit towards a sustainable way of living.   

The Zero Waste Starter Kit includes:

* Duo-pack reusable veggie bags – by Veco
* Reusable medium beeswax food wrap – by Frank Wraps
* 4 bamboo straws – by Wasp Emporium
* A month’s supply of toothpaste tablets – by Hames Sensi
* 3pc bamboo cutlery set – by Rebels with a Cause
* Duo-pack reusable cotton cosmetic pads – by Gabe Boutique Malta
* Pack of 50 bamboo cotton buds – by Rebels with a Cause
* Plantable seed-paper Greeting Card – by ByDyring

The total retail value of the combined items in the box is Eur 44.65. We are offering you the chance to buy everything at only Eur 36.99 including a convenient and reusable carton box and free delivery in Malta and Gozo. 

The Zero Waste Starter Kit comes as a limited edition. Secure yours by pre-ordering it from HERE.

You also have the opportunity to include your own personalised message on the greeting card and we can deliver it for you as a gift, just in time for Christmas! 

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