Just two weeks ago, our lives were proceeding in their own usual way. We were working, travelling, making plans, meeting friends, going shopping, hanging out at bars. Suddenly we are living a life that sounds like science-fiction, where the majority of us are isolated at home – with most of the businessess either shut down or overloaded with work.

Everything has changed!

If life was routine before Covid-19, that routine is now amplified. Not to mention boredom.
So here is a list of some actions you may want to take, that will help you feel alive, useful and help the planet as well!

Make your own body and beauty products 

Ran out of tooth-paste? No worries – you can do one yourself easily! Refrain from going out and save the money you have in these uncertain times by creating your own body and beauty products. You will also be using natural ingredients and avoid all those harmful chemicals that are in the majority of mainstream products. Face creams, foot scrub, deodrant, make up remover, shampoo and much much more. Here is a helpful link: 

Make your own sanitizer and house cleaning products

Particularly relevant during these times, disinfectants are becoming our best mates and loyal companions. Don’t hassle about not finding any more hand sanitizer. You can make it yourself! Did you now that white vinegar, vodka and lemons are great for cleaning? Re-use your own spray bottles for a more sustainable way. Here are 2 links for you. 

Switch to a plant-based diet

Dairy items have a short life span anyway, they are not really useful in these times. Which brings the perfect solution to try non-dairy, plant-based alternatives. Milk and butter being the two most easy products to start with. Besides, a plant-based diet will give you more nutrition and boost your immune system, which is vital during these times. If you are concerned about your transit to plant-based lifestyle and are looking for advice you can opt for the service of a qualified nutritionist such as Stephie Henson or Roberta Farrugia. Here is a great site that will help you with the transition; 


Perfect time for spring cleaning and at the same time take stock and make new space in your house. An ordered house is an ordered life. De-cluttering is an exceptional way to relieve stress and feel good with yourself. If you are stuck and need help there are professionals who can help you over the internet, such as Feels Like Home or Zen with JuliaDon’t just throw stuff in the bin, see if anything can be re-purposed or re-used and give away what you really don’t need to charity shops or people in need. Meanwhile, here are two sites that will help you find some inspiration: 

Create an online course 

Are you an expert in something? Do you feel you have some kind of knowledge that others can benefit from? It will take some planning to do, but if you are at home with no work, perhaps this can be a good way to get some income as well – you can ask a small fee or even leave it by donation. This site will help you create the course easily:

Take an online course 

Now its time to learn another language, take on a new skill, or get that online diploma you have been postponing. If you search on the internet, there are many Universities giving free online courses. Check out what free resources the University of Malta and Take Off are offering. And here is another site:


If you just like to browse…

Ok, we know the feeling. You have watched all your series on your to-watch list, bored of Facebook and all you feel like doing is browsing for something that catches your fancy. Here are some of our favourites:

Don’t forget to exercise! 

If you are staying all day in the house, it is important to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day for physical exercise. Kids love to move their body making this another way to entertain them. You can find free online videos for almost everything – yoga, zumba, pilates, workouts, or event just dance along to your favourite song (or kids’ song). Don’t forget to do some stretching before! Here are some useful links: 

Thank you for reading Eco Friendly Malta Blog!

Let me know which of these you will be doing, or are already doing, in the comments.

Until the next post, stay safe xxx

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