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Today we are grateful for so many things! We all have been an unusual experience and lived a situation that we could have never imagined. It was a dark time where the outside world was forbidden to us and almost all of us were practically locked in our homes. For many, this has been a warning sign for us to take action and mend our broken relationship with nature. An environment that has always surrounded us, but we used to take so much for granted.

We are now all eager to make up for up for this lost time and Eco Market Malta are very happy to announce a new series of events right in the heart of nature. Read till the end for more details.

Connecting with nature can help us feel happier and more energised, with an increased sense of meaning and purpose. A little fresh air, the sun on our skin and bare feet on the ground can bring so many small pleasures, making us feel refreshed and revived. Why does nature have such a positive effect? Did you know that simply being exposed to nature’s wonders stimulates the brain? Your prefrontal cortex which is responsible for your mind’s commands, can take a bit of a rest and revitalize. Connecting back to nature has lots of benefits, some of which you might find surprising!


1. Improves Short Term Memory

Who would have thought that a little time with the flowers and trees can actually improve your memoryThe University of Michigan conducted a study that revealed students who regularly went for a nature walk actually had a better time retaining information.

2. Reduces Stress

Nature has a calming effect on our brains. As an added bonus, outdoor exercise, like going for a walk, hiking, and so forth, gets the blood flowing and heart pumping, another way to lower stress levels.


3. Increases Levels of Vitamin D

Sure, too much sun can damage the skin and possibly lead to cancer. That being said, studies show that getting between 15 to 20 minutes a day of sunshine will allow your body to absorb vitamin D, which helps strengthen bones and reduce the risk of cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.


4. Improves Sleep

Spending time in natural light helps our bodies better regulate sleep patterns. When the sun goes down, our brains will release the right levels of melatonin to help get a good night’s sleep.


5. Strengthens the Immune System

Research has shown that going outdoors and getting enough sunlight can help boost the immune system. to help fight disease and stay healthy all you need is to take a little stroll outside or enjoy a bit of fun outdoors


6. Increases Happiness

In a world full of screens, we often search for happiness in the wrong places. Nature will boost your mood and promotes your mental well-being.


7. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation in the body can lead to all sorts of disorders, from depression and cancer to autoimmune diseases. A study demonstrated that participants who spent a bit of time each week walking in the woods experienced lower levels of inflammation in the body.  


8. Improves Vision

Going outside gives our eyes a break from staring at a computer, television, tablet or smartphone. Australian scientists even found that children who spend time outdoors reduce the risk of developing myopia later in life.


9. Inspires Creativity

Nature comes in so many colours, from orange-sky sunsets to seafoam green waters and rose-coloured gardens. Spending time outside gives a chance to get inspired by all the gorgeous sights, smells, and sounds of the outdoors. Science backs that up, too, showing that spending time outside actually helps get our creative juices flowing.


10. Develops a Deeper Sense of Spirituality

When you connect back to nature, you give your mind the chance to clear the cobwebs and can even count as a type of meditation. Spending time in nature helps us live in the moment as we breathe in the air, listen to the sound of the birds chirping, or feel the grass on our feet. Nature can even teach valuable lessons and reveal metaphors to help us connect with our spirituality.

So here is the exciting news! Eco Market is teaming up with Green Living Malta and together we are introducing ‘Summer Nights in Nature’. Every Saturday, from 11 July until 26 Septemer we will be hosting these exquisite events to help you connect back with nature in one of the most outstanding natural venues in Malta, the beautiful and bountiful Vincent’s Eco Estate in Mgarr.

The aim is to not only to connect people back to nature and promote all the benefits that we’ve just mentioned, but also to connect you with a mindful community of like-minded people. Both Eco Market and Green Living are advocates of sustainable living and the people and activities that will be presented, will focus on shaping a more sustainable, greener future.  

Expect to find ongoing activities for children of all ages, to help them keep busy, entertained and educated. Children learn their relationship with nature by playing with nature, the ground, the leaves, the pine cones and other safe organic matter, everything completely in line with covid-19 guidelines. The events will be complimented with sunset DJ tunes, a variety of enjoyable workshops for adults, vegan and plant-bs food, wines, beers and of course a charming selection of Eco Market stalls.

The Olive Grove at the Vortex, Vincent’s Eco Estate, Mgarr

These events will kick off on Saturday 11th July with a jamming session hosted by no other than Peter Paul, frontman of Tribali! Peter Paul will be heading his popular drum workshop during this event where everybody is welcome to bring their own drum and join in to create a positive vibration through rhythm. We will also welcome Nadia Cassar, our resident gardener with her famous workshop ‘How to grow your own food at home’, as well as DJ Armani who will be doing a special set with his son.  

Follow the event on Facebook for more information about activities and relative prices. 

The Olive Grove at the Vortex, Vincent’s Eco Estate, Mgarr

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