Cheeky Pants – Cloth Period – Day Pads


These bamboo minky pads are made of bamboo viscose or charcoal microfleece with a minky outer. Bamboo has a natural antibacterial quality and because it allows your skin to breathe it potentially reduces the risk of yeast infections and discomfort!


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✨  Sizing: 22cm x 7cm (approximately)
✨  Suitable for: Most days of your period

We recommended soaking your dirty pads in water before putting them in the washing for best results. Machine wash and hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener as this will make your cloth pad less absorbent over time.

Can putting period blood in the washing machine contaminate my other washing?
An average period is just 30ml to 72ml of blood over the course of 5 days (5-12 teaspoons worth) so there is only a small amount on the pad anyway! For best results, we recommend cold soaking before washing. But even if you put your soiled items in the washing straight away there is NO risk of ‘contaminating’ anything else in the wash… so chuck em in!

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Cheeky Pants pattern

Into the Wild, Over the Rainbow, Peacock, Twisting my Melon, Wavy Sea


Bamboo, Charcoal


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