Children are the future. They are the ones who will have to face the consequences of the planet’s sustainability issues, and probably the ones who will need to find solutions to environmental problems that they are inheriting from us. What we teach them today is going to affect their life choices and decisions in the future, so we need to make them aware of what is possibly the most essential element of living and surviving – our planet!

Teaching children about sustainability will give them the opportunity to become sensible about their environment, realize the importance to live in harmony with nature, and as grown-ups, they will be able to take responsible lifestyle decisions. What we learn as children become the foundation of our habits, values, and priorities. We have both the duty and the joy to instill in our children the right ones.

Our educators do a marvelous job in providing knowledge to our children, but it is more powerful when the parents or guardians enrich their children’s awareness, first and foremost by giving a good example at home, and secondly by investing in good quality books. Recently I discovered a new small local business which provides Subscription Boxes for children. They have a different topic every month. To my delight, their very first subscription box is called ‘Follow Your Curiosity’ and it focuses on the planet and environmental sustainability. I was immediately thrilled! 

There are 2 books. One is ‘100 Things to know about planet Earth’, exquisitely illustrated and accompanied by an innovative online section where you can find several videos, fact-sheets and quizzes. The recommended age is 8+ however it is so colourful and playful that younger kids will certainly enjoy reading it with an adult and discovering all these wonders of the world. 

The other book is ‘Helping our Planet’, a very interesting guidebook with practical and helpful checklists and calls to action that will motivate the reader to explore sustainability issues in their everyday life such as eating, shopping, traveling, ways to save energy and cut down on waste. 240 pages of wisdom gems to implant in our precious future generation. 

In the box you will also find a large world map perfect to hang in the kids’ room, a colour-in sheet of planet Earth and 2 flashcards with cute and funny facts about animals.

Fijgo’s ‘Follow your Curiosity’ makes a great and significant gift for the children in your family this Christmas. After all, what makes a better present than education? Instilling the love of reading books early gives a child a head start on expanding their vocabulary and building independence and self-confidence. It helps children learn to make sense not only of the world around them but also the people by building socio-emotional skills, and of course, imagination. 

As Jacqueline Kennedy said, “There are many little ways to enlarge a world. Love of books is the best of all.”

You can learn more about and order the Subscription Box from HERE

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