a) Vegan Fest Organisers enforce a 100% ban on ALL single-use plastic and styrofoam – including product packaging, stall decor, and personal items.
b) All food and beverage vendors must ensure provision of bins and adhere to regular and adequate disposal of waste throughout the event.
c) All food stalls must be in possession of valid food handling permits, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.
d) Vendors serving alcoholic beverages must be in possession of the necessary permits and licenses in accordance with local laws and regulations.
e) All food and beverage vendors must place a protective cover on the ground under the area in which they operate.
f) Please discard all unnecessary packaging BEFORE arriving on-site to minimize waste.
g) Vendors must leave their allocated space clean and tidy at all times.
h) Vendors are encouraged to share and educate visitors about the sustainability features of their food/products/services.
i) The Organisers will determine stall assignments. It is not allowed for two or more vendors to share the same stall.
j) Vendors must be set up and ready 1 hour before the event starting time.
k) Vendors must vacate within 2 hours after the event closing time.
l) It is the vendor’s exclusive responsibility to ensure that they are in conformity with all legal requirements pertaining to their business operation, including VAT.
m) At least one person should always be manning the stall at all times.
n) In case of any damages caused to the venue by the Vendor, the Organisers reserve the right to seek the necessary financial dues.
o) The Vendor is responsible for the safety and removal of their setup, stall, equipment, personal products, and marketing material after the event. The Organisers do not take any responsibility for damages or otherwise carelessness of any of the equipment exhibited at the event.
p) Any open-flame devices, highly-flammable substances, and smoking behind market stalls are strictly prohibited.
q) The Organisers do their utmost to promote and advertise the event as well as possible, and reach as many people as possible within reason; however, we cannot guarantee any outcome.
r) All event participants are encouraged to promote the event within their network, including word of mouth, social media, website, newsletter, etc.
s) The Organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event for any reason, particularly but not limited to, in case of extreme weather conditions and restrictions from authorities.
t) Cancellation Policy: In case a Vendor cancels their participation within the final 4 weeks leading up to the event, or in the event of a no-show, refunds will not be issued. In case of a cancellation from the Organisers, full refunds will be issued.