Warning: There is a strong possibility that today’s feature will get you craving something sweet! Don’t worry, you can go for it! Its all about guilt-free pleasures…. We will be featuring the ultimate Eco-friendly product in Malta within the food industry. Vegan, healthy, raw and guilt free food in Malta who absolutely cannot be missing from our Eco Friendly Malta Blog!

Jo’s Delights are dedicated to bring you the magic of raw vegan food in the form of delicious desserts packed with valuable nutrients. All their products are made with genuine, natural ingredients, without the use of preservatives, fillers, stabilizers, refined sugars, artificial colouring and all the junk found in mainstream foods. The preparation area is free from gluten and HACCP compliant.

Jo’s packaging is 100% compostable, deliveries are pooled in order to reduce carbon footprint. Our kitchen is powered by a PV panel system and our water cistern collects rain water for sanitary and cleaning purposes. The detergents in use are eco-friendly and not harmful to marine life.

At this time of year, local traditional Easter related sweets are most popular. Kwarezimal are traditionally a lent dessert, flavoured with Natural Blossom Water Extract. Raw Cross Buns are a raw version of the British classic Hot Cross Buns. Figolli are very popular closer to Easter. Compared to the traditional version, our figolli have a pastry made of nuts and dried fruit, a 100% pure almond filling, a raw cacao topping and to finish off, a cashew icing coloured with superfoods.

We produce an array of delightful Cakes, Treats, Bars and fermented Tree-Nut CheeZes. Also the recently launched Cupcake Collection. Deliveries are free for orders of 10eur and above.

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