Our feature for today is ‘Beads for Babies’, a unique business that specialises mostly in revamped, recycled, repaired, upcycled and vintage costume jewellery. For these reasons this small enterprise became an Eco-friendly business in Malta. Their raw material consists of any trinket that is re-purposed from something else, perhaps something broken as well as donated pieces and material. 

Beads for Babies operates as a voluntary association where all proceeds go to the Sliema Creche, a centre for orphaned or abandoned children run by the Ursuline Sisters. 

They also make their own brand new novelty pieces. They source beads from charity shops, and accept donations of broken jewellery, like the Wombles, and they make the most out of everything. Sometimes, they receive donations of unsold or damaged stock from retail shops or from individuals who are clearing up their jewellery boxes from old and previously loved pieces. 

Their packaging is made from the same jewellery-makers in the form of pull-string packaging that is also re-cycled from old clothing or fents that they are donated. They also make crochet products and ‘Happy Bags’ to offer comfort, or as gifts for specific occasions. Orders are posted in Malta for free but one can also make a collection. Find and support ‘Beads for Babies’ on their Facebook Page

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