Happy Sunday from the Eco Market blog! Today is family day so we are going to talk about mommies and babies. The Cloth Nappy Company was founded in July 2019 by Brenda Grech after she started using reusable cloth nappies for her daughter and experienced first hand the many benefits they offer. She wanted to make these products easily available to parents in Malta and raise awareness. Welcome back to the Eco Friendly Malta Blog and get ready for the most innovative Eco-friendly product in Malta.

Modern cloth nappies are made out of natural materials that are softer and more breathable making them perfect for sensitive baby skin. They are also the best option for the environment. Using re-usable cloth nappies saves 24 million disposable nappies in Malta alone! They can be re-used from baby to baby and donated to family and friends whilst remaining perfectly safe and clean to use. Another benefit of cloth nappies is that they save you money in the long term. With only Eur400-Eur500 you are completely set up and sorted till potty training. If you had to buy commercial diapers you would spend well over Eur 1000.  Plus, they are much nicer to look at with lots of cute prints and colours!

Apart from cloth nappies, The Cloth Nappy Company also stocks related products such as re-usable baby wipes, wet bags, re-usable nursing bags and changing mats. Brenda loves meeting and speaking to parents who are already using, or thinking of using cloth nappies. If you have any questions, feel free to contact and she will be happy to explain how easy it is to use re-usable cloth nappies! She has also created a live online workshops that you can watch on their Facebook Page

The Cloth Nappy Company makes free deliveries in Malta for any order size. You can purchase directly from their website – where at the moment they are offering 10% discount on all their products – use the code STAYSAFE at check-out! Products are delivered in bags made out of cassava roots which are fully biodegradable within 3-6 months, making this business the ultimate Eco-friendly and sustainable options for mammas. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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