Today our feature presents the beautiful new trend of pre-loved items.So, out with the new, in with the old! Eco-friendly products can easily be of a second hand nature. Why not?

Vogue Exchange is a second hand clothing initiative which encourages adopting a more conscious fashion choice and stands with the Fashion Revolution – a movement demanding change in the rag trade on both social and environmental issues. Second hand is definitely the new vogue and Vogue Exchange are always hunting for interesting, unique items as well as actively building a pretty cool vintage collection. Well-made clothes and natural fabrics are not always easy to come by with the fast fashion being all about quantity not quality so they ensure that their rails always have plenty of cotton, linens, silk and woollen items and “well put together” items made to last!

Community is a VX priority so by regularly having clothes swaps and other events and by keeping prices reasonable they ensure that VX stays inclusive and encourages the local community to participate. Having this ethos makes them work together to keep clothing out of landfill – and have fun in the process! The monthly clothing swaps are a good reason to declutter your wardrobe and then exchange your retired clothes for tokens. The tokens can be used as currency at the swap and you will be sure to find your gem! A percentage of VOGUE XCHANGE sales and all funds raised at VX Clothes Swaps go back into environmental causes such as FAA – Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar. 

Drop by when the world opens again or come to a swap. If you just want to show some resistance to the toxic fashion industry and support the FAA, clothing, footwear and accessory donations are welcomed. Follow VOGUE XCHANGE on Facebook or Instagram to learn about updates about events and activities.

Thank you for reading the Eco Friendly Malta Blog post today! Have a great day and see you at the next post!

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