Today we are featuring an exceptionally talented local artisan, Renata Dudaite, a Lithuanian-born Maltese resident, founder of RD Enchanting Handicrafts. She creates stylish and practical fashion and decor accessories with authentic quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Let’s take a look at her beautiful Eco-friendly products in Malta.

Most of her products are for the home, which for her is a place to rest, relax, learn, spend quality time with family and just be, so it is important to have products that help us maintain a cozy and comfortable home surroundings. She has been creating and crocheting for quite a few years and loves the process of visualising something and then witnessing it turning into reality, practically out of nothing.

RD Enchanting Handicrafts started off by Renata’s personal desires to add colours and style to her own house. The detail and attention she puts in her creations is something that can only be found in handmade artisan products. 

The list of items created by RD Enchanting Handicrafts is a long one, but the most popular are: crochet handbags, clothing accessories, rugs, cushions, storage baskets, phone covers, ipads and tablet covers, coasters and toys. You can see their magnificent photos on their Facebook Page

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