Welcome again to our Vendor Feature Series where we present you local businesses that offers sustainable and Eco-friendly products and services. Today we feature an extremely cute brand called ‘Chloe’s Closet Malta’ by Melanie Cremona.

Melanie became a mom for the first time three years ago. Since that moment, like every new mom, she felt a great sense of protection towards her child. Every day, Chloe and her needs came first. She started being concerned about harmful harsh chemicals on the baby’s delicate skin and how processed food could make her sick. In a nutshell, she strived to provide her daughter the best possible everything in every sense.

Being fashion conscious herself, she was finding it hard to find that particular style that she imagined for her baby to wear; something that is stylish, simple and comfortable, but above all, clothing that provided peace of mind with regards to safety for the baby. 

After nearly three years of research, Melanie launched ‘Chloe’s Closet Malta’, an organic and affordable line of clothing for kids that tick all the boxes for mothers who want the absolute best for their children. You can see the beautiful collection of ‘Chloe’s Closet Malta’ on their Facebook Page

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