Welcome back and hope you all had a pleasant and blessed Easter! Today we are featuring a talented artisan, Amanda Attard from Dragonfly Dreams, who makes Eco-friendly productsi in Malta in the form of candles.

Amanda’s work is all about the senses. Imagine arriving home after a busy day and all you wish to do is to slow down your mind and seek a relaxing way to wind up the day. That is when Dragonfly Dreams comes in. The best way to create the atmosphere you desire is by lighting up a beautiful scented candle, or two, with your favourite aromas calming body, mind and soul. 

Dragonfly Dream candles are great if you have a special event to celebrate with your loved ones, for instance, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day or even a Baby Shower. They can design and create candles purposely for all type of occasions. Their candles are handcrafted with great care and zeal and aimed at bringing a smile to whoever recieves them.

The various unique and original creations are produced locally and can be tailor-made according to the customer’s preferences, including design, colour, size and aromas. Depending on the geometry, there is also the possibility to replicate a specific item to make the gift even more meaningful. For more information and to take a glimpse on their previous work, visit Dragonfly Dreams on their Faceobok Page

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