Today we are happy to dedicate our feature to another sustainable artist Chantelle Butters. Another green business in Malta

Her brand Chantelle Butters creates was launched in Christmas of 2017 with a series of Christmas cards, but not just any cards. She uses recycled kraft paper for all her work and up-cycles all kinds of materials for her cards even from old cards, transforming re-using and re-purposing creatively and wisely. 

Christmas was a strategical time to launch this kind of handmade business and it paid off well, with a sudden huge following on social media and non-stop orders, turning this part-time hobby into a day-and-night job. 

Unlike traditional cards, Chantelle’s cards are not wrapped in plastic. She is working towards a goal of 100% sustainability with all aspects of her business. 

She admits that the beauty of her work is the personal touch, with her favourite part being listening to client’s ideas and needs, and then seeing their expression when presenting her creation. “In the end, we created this together, they shared their idea with me and I just created their vision” Chantelle says joyfully.

You can see her work on her facebook or instagram page.

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