Who doesn’t love gemstones!
Today we discover Libertalia, a brand by a self-learned artisan who specialises in hand-crafting beautiful pieces of wearable art for fashion and well-being. Featuing a list of stylish and colourful Eco-friendly products in Malta.

Libertalia was founded in 2018 by Captain Jeremy Grech after he developed a Crystal & Gemstone obsession. After a lot of purchases, the Captain realised that if he learns how to craft these stones into wearable jewellery, he would save a lot of money; and so it began. A few months later, he was learning a new skill and creating lovely designs. As usually happens with creatives, once they receive positive feedback about their creations they realise there is a market out there and are encouraged to start a business. The aim of this little business is to sell great quality gemstone jewellery at reasonable prices for everyone to enjoy!

The business operates a plastic-free environment with environmentally-friendly packaging. Their jewellery styles varies from boho to art deco and they also take custom orders. Clients can supply their raw stone and they can turn it into a wearable piece of art according to their taste and desire. Right now they are working on two new collections; ‘The Flapper Collection’, which is a fancy Art Deco inspired with a Pirate twist – and the other is ‘The Pharaoh Collection’ consisting of Ancient Egyptian inspired with traditional charms and symbols. 

One of the most amazing thing about gemstone jewellery is that they do not only serve for aesthetic reasons, but they also provide metaphysical properties for body, mind and soul. Libertalia can guide you through the benefits of each stone or can recommend a stone based on what your needs are. Libertalia offers free shipping all over Malta and Gozo. 

You can find Libertalia on Facebook.

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