Today we present another jewellery designer. An artist who creates unique and adaptable designs with one of the most sustanaible materials; wood. A great example of an Eco Friendly product by a local artist for our Eco Friendly Malta Blog!

Martina Gatt embarked on this venture of jewellery design and jewellery making and it made it possible for her to express her creativity and channel her inspiration through something that she loves doing. Through her brand ‘Wood and Tassel’ she transmits her positive emotions and hopes to pass on this positivity over to the people that will wear her pieces. 

As a jewellery design, she loves to experiment with colours, styles and textures. She specializes in creating feminine wearable pieces of art using colourful handmade tassels with wood accents. The majority of wood used in her pieces is locally sourced recycled wood and handcrafted by her. The idea is to use scraps of wood which are destined to go to waste, and instead she re-purposes them by creating something beautiful. 

Martina loves taking on custom-made orders and specialises in turning her client’s vision into reality. She usually offers free delivery throughout Malta and Gozo, however during this time she is offering FREE postal delivery providing a contact-less service. 

You can follow Wood and Tassel on Facebook and Instagram.

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