Today’s feature is a small local business making local teas and herbal remedies. Another responsible green business in Malta. 

At Tea Shop Malta herbs and tea leaves are carefully hand-picked from local organic fields and then transformed into the most wonderful genuine loose-leaf teas that not only have a delicious taste but are also great rememdies for the most common issues that our daily and stressful lives leave on our bodies.

Apart from loose-leaf teas, one can also find handmade teabags, herbal elixirs to mix with a cup of milk, herbal smokes for a tobacco-free smoke, herbal soaps, kombucha drinks and more. Teas are packed in tins or paper bags. Other items are stored in re-usable glass jars and bottles making this local business completely plastic-free and environmental friendly. 

Tea Shop Malta has currently made a few nice ‘Comfort Packages’ with reduced prices to make days at home a bit easier and keep the immune system strong and healthy! They are also currently offering contact-less deliveries with online payments all over Malta.

We are not just what we eat but also what we drink! Now is the time to take care of ourselves and boost our immune system. Tea Shop is happy to help you start your tea wellness journey! Contact them today on Facebook and on their Website

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