Our platform is helping to build a more sustainable world. We provide a comprehensive list of eco-friendly products that can be purchased in Malta. We help you, the consumer, make better choices for your everyday shopping needs, with an easy-to-use online store. Primarily, we work with local brands where each product is carefully curated and evaluated to make sure they are indeed as eco as they say they are, and we are very careful not to allow any greenwashing.

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Making conscious consumerism the new norm

There has never been a more appropriate time to care about the environment as right now; we are starting to realise that change is needed, and feel the desire to learn how to make effective and long lasting positive change. As a direct response to this, the Eco Market Malta wants to help and assist a smooth transition to a sustainable green lifestyle. The way forward in reducing our negative impact on the environment, is to become conscious of our daily habits, particularly what we buy, and what we throw away. Our purpose is to inspire and facilitate an easy and joyful shift towards an environmentally-friendly way of living, by offering quality, affordable and convenient ways to find and discover new Eco-friendly products and services.


Shop by what’s most important to you! We make it is easy and convenient to chose your everyday shopping products, according to your own ethics and principles.


Quality is not a luxury. We work with merchants who prove to be authentic, provide excellent customer service, and run their business in an exemplary way with purpose over profit.


Discover our dynamic search, and find products by their sustainability features; vegan, cruelty-free, fair trade, compostable, recycled, zero waste, and several other criteria.

Time for a Revolution

As consumers, we have the power to change how our products are made, and demand producers to become more environmentally and socially responsible. We are starting a REVOLUTION for consumer-driven change because we want to see more eco-sustainable products in Malta & Gozo.

What are the demands?

✅ minimize plastic packaging or use bio-plastics

✅ go Fair Trade, organic, natural, pesticide-free, toxin-free

✅ stop testing on animals and give us cruelty-free and vegan alternatives

✅ offer zero-waste and return & refill schemes

✅ choose locally produced raw ingredients/materials

✅ turn to renewable energy and green tech

✅ make products with a longer life-cycle that can be easily repaired and recycled

✅ become more transparent with annual reports on your environmental impact

✅ improve your CSR

If one or more of the above demands resonate with your personal values, take a minute to give our Facebook page a like and share the message with your friends. Yes, it all starts with a LIKE! Together, we are much, much stronger. Together, we can make a BIG impact! When enough people speak out, they will listen. Help us create the change we all want, where everybody wins and nobody loses.

Welcome to Eco Market Malta! We are a social enterprise working in the field of Environmental Sustainability by promoting eco-friendly and zero-waste products. We are advocates for UN Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible Production and Consumption. Eco Market Malta’s core mission is to inspire people to learn about sustainability, assist them to transit to a more sustainable lifestyle, and facilitate the purchase of sustainable products. As the leading eco-friendly platform in Malta, we connect the responsible consumer with the sustainable producer. Our online store provides a unique and meaningful online shopping experience with 100% customer satisfaction.

Together with our community of creative minds, change makers and innovators, we hold regular events, markets, talks and workshops, classes, webinars, social gatherings and exhibitions – where the underlying theme that ties everything together is love and respect for the planet and a desire to raise awareness about sustainability in Malta and beyond.

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