Eco Market Malta works in the field of Environmental Sustainability by promoting Eco friendly products and a Zero Waste lifestyle. We are advocates for ethical businesses and conscious consumerism and promote UN Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible Production and Consumption.

We are the leading eco-friendly event in Malta, with periodic events around the country showcasing eco-friendly products in Malta and Gozo and presenting ethical and sustainable businesses. Each vendor is carefully curated for their eco-credentials and come from a myriad of categories including, food, drinks, homewares, toys, beauty products, gift ideas, fashion, arts and also holistic and healthy service-providers.

Together with our community of creative minds, change makers and innovators, our events are accompanied with talks, workshops, classes, social gatherins, live music and exhibitions – where the underlying theme that ties everything together is a deep love for the planet and a desire to raise awareness about sustainability in Malta and beyond. The Eco Market is child-friendly, adult-friendly, animal-friendly and planet-friendly.

We strive to inspire and facilitate an easy and joyful shift towards an environmentally-friendly way of living by offering awareness, convenience, accessibility, and education about sustainability, eco-friendly products and green living in Malta.

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Due to the current situation some of our events are being postponed.

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Why Eco Market? There has never been a more appropriate time to care about the environment as right now; we are starting to realise that change is needed, and feel the desire to learn how to make effective and long lasting positive change. As a direct response to this, the Eco Market Malta wants to help and assist a smooth transition to a sustainable lifestyle. The way forward in reducing our negative impact on the environment, is to become conscious of our daily habits, particularly what we buy, and what we throw away. Our purpose is to inspire and facilitate an easy and joyful shift towards an environmentally-friendly way of living, by offering quality, affordable and convenient ways to find and discover new Eco-friendly products and services.

The Eco Market believes in collaboration over competition. We are honored to work with over 22 organisations who share our same values and vision. We collaborate with several Non-Profits, NGOs, Local Councils, Voluntary Organisations, Social Enterprises, Educational Entities and other motivational businesses to bring you a broader point of view from different sectors. See who they are here.