4. Parties

Whether you are the host, or the invitee, there are a few really simple tricks for a party that doesn’t cost the ‘Earth’ – both financially and ecologically. Yes, having a zero-waste party will actually save you money!

Disposables: You won’t even need them – ever! Take the occasion to bring out your finest dinner set. After the party, remember to fully load the dishwasher to consume less electricity and water and use Eco-friendly detergent soap.

Invitations: Prepare an inspiration digital invite using a free design platform on the internet and send it to your guests via whatsapp or email. Completely paper less and zero cost. I recommend canva.com, a very user-friendly programme for graphics with lots of existing samples and designs that you can use for free!

Atmosphere: Featuring seasonal organic material for your house decoration provides a homely and genuine atmosphere. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature; go for a walk and pick up some twigs, pine cones and dried leaves. Hollies and Ponsiettas are inexpensive and they add an incredible Christmasy touch to your decor.

If you’re the creative type you can make some home ornaments yourself and it will practically cost you nothing if you up-cycle the raw materials from things you have around the house already. For instance an old ugly Christmas sweaters can be turned into cushion covers; a candle holder or lantern can easily be themed for Christmas.

Host gift: Leave a unique impression by gifting your host something different and uncommon, but pleasant nonetheless. Opt for locally-made food products, such as olive oil, or a jar of jam or marmalade, an artisan home-made raw and vegan cake or chocolate spread, a loaf of freshly-baked bread – or a hamper with all of these things!

If you prefer the classic bottle of wine, choose a local or at the least fair-trade brand. You can also opt for a beautiful plant – dont go for single flowers as they will soon wither and die, but a plant, if taken care of, will stay alive.

Transportation: Team up with other guests and share a ride, call a taxi, or use one of car-sharing options. That way you don’t have to worry about drinking, driving or parking, and you will not be adding to the fumes and pollution in the city.

Let’s celebrate responsibly this year. We can all enjoy the festive season with our special humans without the need to over-buy and over-consume. All it takes is a little thought and good will.

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