5. Food and Drinks

While we consider our responsibility towards the well-being of the planet, let’s also consider all the other earthlings that share our ‘home’. Going vegan is a personal choice, however choosing not to eat meat or fish for the Holidays is a truly selfless gift you can do. You can find many delicious vegan savoury and sweet recipes or you can always order from an establishment or hire a vegan chef for a home-cook out.

Try it this Christmas and discover how Vegan food can be as much delicious and satisfying as any other food!

When preparing your Christmas meals, remember the number one priority that is to choose local seasonal ingredients. The food will result in homely, fresher and tastier food. For a traditional menu, you can easily find the main ingredients from a local manufacturer with whole-some home-made products. Local organic farmers are at the forefront of sustainability as their own livelihood depends on it. Don’t forget to take with you when you go shopping your own container and bags and you won’t be paying for extra packaging.

If you are shopping for an exotic ingredient, take a moment to read the label. Where does it come from? What’s in it? Who made it? If possible go for Fair Trade and/or Certified Organic labels. Look for the same labels when it comes to drinks and alcohol too, and invite your friends and guests to try new brands of modern chemical-free and sustainable alcohol.

According to NSO statistics, Malta throws away 22% of perfectly good and edible food every year due to over-cooking and mis-management. Let’s try and prepare responsible amounts this year. In any case, there will always be left-overs, so here are some ideas of what you can do instead of throwing them away.

First of all left-overs can be refrigerated and eaten on a later date; some food can easily be turned into sandwiches or re-invented into another type of snack. Left-overs can also be composted to make nurturing food for your garden or reach out to the farmers you know as they will probably be happy to have it! Let’s waste not this year.

To finish off, here are some quick tips to use your kitchen wisely:

  • Organise in advance what needs to go in the oven and keep the door closed to conserve heat and save energy. Every time you open the oven door, heat is lost and need to be re-covered with more energy.
  • Make sure the dishwasher is always fully loaded – or if you are washing by hand fill up the sink with soapy water and only change it when you really need to.
  • Remember to use eco-friendly detergent so that the water can be re-used to water the plants, for instance.
  • If you are preparing for a large meal, or a series of meals, be practical and organise a sensible shopping list. Buy in bulk on one trip only.

We hope you enjoyed following the Eco Christmas Guide and that you found at least one new inspirational idea to put in practice. The spirit of Christmas is giving, but let’s not forget that the giving does not have to be material. We can give our time, our affection, our advice, our mentorship, and our love!

Most of all, we can start a trend, and inspire others towards a sustainable way of living to last all year round, not just at Christmas.

Happy Eco Christmas! 🎄🌍💚

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