Eco Market Malta is a Social Enterprise aimed at promoting eco-sustainability by connecting the responsible producer with the conscious consumer. Our objective is to inspire and facilitate more people to have a significant impact on the environment by effecting small but postivie steps, such as reducing waste and choosing sustainable alternatives to practically everything.

We are a group of individuals that came together through our love for nature, the environment, and the well being of the planet. We want to see the rise of a mindful community of thoughtful citizens that care about the planet – our Home. We all have a huge power to make our home a better place – and right now we have the responsibility to heal it, because without a healthy planet, nothing else matters!

As the leading eco-friendly platform in Malta, we proudly showcase Malta’s eco-sustainable small businesses and their products and services. Each partner undergoes a careful process to ensure their eco-credentials and come from a myriad of categories including, food, drinks, homewares, toys, beauty products, gift ideas, fashion, arts and also holistic and healthy service-providers.

Together with our community of creative minds, change makers and innovators, we organise regular activities includingevents, talks and workshops, classes, webinars, social gatherings and exhibitions – where the underlying theme that ties everything together is love and respect for the planet and a desire to raise awareness about sustainability in Malta and beyond.

Our values

We are committed to safeguard the environment. The planet is the most precious resource that we have. It is also the source of all life – without it, we would cease to exist. By making small changes and embracing sustainable practices, we can all help to safeguard our own quality of life and ensure a liveable planet for future generations.

Malta is home to an abundance of artisans, SMEs and social enterprises that produce eco-friendly, zero-waste and sustainable products and services. We want to help them grow and see them thrive. We believe in shopping local and supporting small green businesses in Malta and are proud to provide this platform for them to shine. 

Creating an active community around the common goal of saving the planet is an important part of what we do. We support dialogue that facilitates new ideas and approaches, interactions and innovations in the field of sustainability. We provide the space for like-minded people to meet, connect and share. Together, as a community, we can grow and achieve a lot.

We hope that our work will inspire other businesses to take their Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility to the next level. There are a myriad of benefits for businesses to adopt sustainable practices in their policies or overall strategy. What’s good for the planet is also good for business.


The Eco Market operates as a not-for-profit, self-financing Social Enterprise where surpluses are re-invested in the project for the benefit of all community members.


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