Wasp. Emporium specializes in Balinese home-wares & Eco-sustainable products that are Fair Trade and help support Balinese Villages. All products are hand made with LOVE in Bali including the popular Bali-Life Bamboo Straws.

The Bamboo straws are grown from bamboo farms in the north of Bali, that have been growing bamboo for their needs for centuries and no wildlife is effected in anyway. Bamboo is basically a weed that grows super fast to keep up with demand, remembering your straw will last for years and years. If in time it wears and needs replacing, simply break it up and put in back into the earth from which it came – zero pollution.​ Bali Life Bamboo straws are durable , 100% natural, re-usable . Bamboo Straws are a natural environmentally friendly way to rid out waterways and landfills of toxic one use plastic straws.

Wasp. Emprorium also have Coconut Bowls, Bamboo Cutlery and the newest hottest item on the plate: ‘Sporks’, a fork on one side and a spoon on the other.

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