Become a vendor – April 2020

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 April

10am to 12noon / Repetition 5pm to 7pm

Be part of Malta’s green community of change-makers and conscious businesses.

Eco Market is standing shoulder to shoulder with its vendors and want to support you in these strange times. You are therefore being invited to participate as a vendor FOR FREE on the Online Event.

We are introducing an Online Multi-Vendor Host Party!


* Each vendor will go LIVE at your previously allocated spot (either Saturday or Sunday).
* Link and instructions will be provided but you need to download Zoom
* You can go LIVE with a laptop ideally, but if not possible a phone will do
* The duration of your LIVE stream will be 10 minutes strict
* During this time you can talk about your products, show how they work and be creative
* You are encouraged to invite people to purchase from you by encouraging them to message you privately or contact you in other ways. 
* Spaces are limited to 10 vendors per day.

Each vendor will have a special feature with image and links posted in the morning before the Online Event on our Facebook and Website.

The video will be recorded and streamed again on our Facebook page
between 5pm and 7pm on each day, giving you more visibility.

Participation is FREE however in order to encourage visitors we would like to hold a great grand prize which will be drawn at the end of each session – ie: one on Saturday and one on Sunday. For this reason vendors wishing to participate need to give a product minimum. The prize will be therefore 2 boxes with all of your products. 

* Expose your Eco-friendly products and services with Eco Market fans
* Consolidate sales during this time while events are down
* Join this first-of-its-kind Online Event and be part of the Online Revolution.
* Let’s spread positivity and let’s help raise awareness towards the well-being of the planet in these challenging times!

10.00-10.20: Introduction and waiting for all participants and visitors to join
10.10 – Vendor 1
10.20 – Vendor 2
10.30 – Vendor 3
10.40 – Vendor 4
10.50 – Vendor 5
11.00 – Vendor 6
11.10 – Vendor 7
11.20 – Vendor 8
11.30 – Vendor 9
11.40 – Vendor 10
11.50-12.00: Conclusion and Prize Give-Away

Click the link below if you want to apply as a vendor!

This application is for vendor submission only and does NOT guarantee participation. All applications will be subject to a verification process in order to establish eligibility according to the Selection Criteria. The Organisers may also require to see images of your products, stall display and packaging.

Besides, the market operates on a 100% ban on single use plastics – regarding products, display or personal items. 

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