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ByDyring was founded in September 2018 by Martin Dyring, with an objective to make high quality sustainable products for you and your loved ones, whilst improving our environment. All ByDyring products are subject to four key sustainability criteria.


These are:
1. Renewable Resources – All products consist of renewable resources and a minimum of 2 trees are planted with every product for future generations.

2. CO2 Reduction – Use of solar energy at our office in Malta and reduction of CO2 emissions with the use of renewable energy in the manufacturing and printing process, when possible, and investment in green energy.

3. Organic & Biodegradable Products – Only products which are biodegradable are sold under the brand, and preference is given to materials of organic origin.

4. End Of Life Cycle – It is crucial that all products can be reused, recycled and are biodegradable to cause the least amount of harm when disposed.

bamboo sunglasses

Some of the products which can be purchased online include:

Sustainable unisex bamboo sunglasses – you can choose to keep your look timeless or sparkle it up with colourful lenses inspired by the Maltese landscape.

Eco wood watches – light on your wrist and made from renewable resources.

Bamboo toothbrushes –  avoid more toothbrushes from going to landfill and switch to a biodegradable toothbrush made from renewable resources. They also come in a convenient travel case made of bamboo.

Bamboo straws – ditch the plastic straws and choose a new better sustainable option.

ByDyring Apparel – 100% organic cotton clothes made using renewable energy in both the manufacturing and printing process to reduce the CO2 emissions by an 80% overall. They offer an innovative ‘Studio Feature’ where you can design your own clothes!

woman jersey 5 leaves

Other products will be launched later in 2019 expanding the apparel line to include other sustainable materials, making your routine more sustainable.

ByDyring has a series of innovative and ambitious goals. By the end of 2019, they plan to plant 5000 trees. Progress of this goal can be seen by visiting this website:


ByDyring donates 5% from every sale to Zibel, a local NGO who remove debris in the sea around Malta. Their goal for 2020 is to donate 25% of the surplus in efforts to make Malta greener by creating a number of roof gardens and continue supporting Environmental NGOs.

Click here for ByDyring Online Shop / Website

Click here for ByDyring Studio feature

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