Coffee Circus Tigne’

Coffee Circus Tigne’ is much more than a place to drink good coffee; it’s the ultimate place to be part of a community, to enjoy some enjoyable down-time and to experience a genuine coffee experience. What makes their coffee so special? Its the high-quality beans, passion, an artisan approach and a dedication to quality and the special “grind on demand” handling that their coffee beans always receive.


This cute little place in Tigne’ (opposite the swings park) is an exceptional example of a sustainable business. Their premises is almost entirely made from re-cycled wood and craft-fully transformed into creative pieces of furniture and decor.


They proudly showcase their ‘Gold Certification’ for Sustainability, by following guidelines such as; fair trade/organic coffee and teas, waste separation, no plastic disposables, offer water refills and ‘BYOC’ (bring your own container) initiatives and use biodegradable cleaning products.


This is the place to be for those who love traditional healthy quick snacks, toasts, croissants, breakfast bowls, as well as innovative and vegan sweet treats throughout the entire day. They also serve fancy hot chocolate options, herbal teas and you can buy their original coffee to enjoy at home or gift to a coffee-lover.


Coffee Circus Tigne’ is part of the ”Coffee Circus Community”, a brand that guarantees a friendly philosophy without strict business rules, bringing together independent, wonderful people to take on their own personal business in an affordable way.  They also make part of ”Seven Beans Coffee Roasters”, a long-term partnership with exceptional coffee farmers where the focus is on quality, complexity and balance in every cup.


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