Corporate Gift Boxes

Delight your employees and customers with this selection of ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly gift boxes. A great opportunity to show your gratitude and your company’s values.

We thoughtfully curate our gift boxes with products that are handpicked from our trusted suppliers that produce high quality products that create a societal and environmental impact.

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Make them smile

Impact for Him

Impact for Her

Self-care for Him

Self-care for Her

Organic Delights

Sustainable Luxuries

The Purposeful Box for Him

The Purposeful Box for Her


We care about the supply chain of our products. Fairtrade guarantees decent working conditions, fair prices and better terms of trade for the workers in the production of food and textile crops.


All products are made from environmentally-friendly materials, organic, plastic-free, cruelty-free, vegan, toxic-free, recyclable, sustainably manufactured, minimal packaging and a longer shelf-life.


A company going green benefits from a heightened brand image, increased customer loyalty and trust-worthiness, a boost in employee morale and promotes a healthier, more efficient work force.

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