Environmental Organisations (GOs)

EkoSkola (or Eco-Schools) is an international programme for all educational institutions, helping them towards Education for Sustainable Development through a seven-step process with the aim to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Eco-Schools is the largest global sustainable schools programme – it starts in the classroom and expands to the community by engaging children in action-based learning and leads them towards a sustainable lifestyle.

c/o Nature Trust FEE Malta, Wied Ghollieqa Environmental Centre, Lower Level, Car Park 1, University of Malta. Tel: 21313150. ekoskola@naturetrustmalta.org www.ekoskola.org.mt

Circular Economy Malta. Level 1, Elite Business Centre, Trejqa ta’ Box, Msida MSD1840. Tel: 22268200. info.rrra@rrra.gov.mt. http://www.facebook.com/circulareconomymalta

ClimateOn Malta. Tel: 23316202. http://www.environment.gov.mt/en/decc/Pages/environment/climateon.aspx

Eco Schools Malta / EkoSkola Malta. Tel: 21313150. ekoskola@naturetrustmalta.org. http://www.ekoskola.org.mt

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