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Eco Market Malta is always looking for more vendors who want to showcase their environmentally friendly products at one of our events. Our product portfolio includes: eco-friendly gift ideas, healthy and organic food and drinks – particularly using locally sourced ingredients, vegan and plant-based food and drinks, kitchen products, laundry products, zero-waste products, plastic-free products, children’s toys, housewares, furniture, office supplies, back to school supplies, packaging solutions, apparel, clothing, footwear, bags and other fashion accessories, jewellery, natural and chemical-free beauty products, hair products, wellness products, make-up and perfumes, toiletries, alternative energy solutions, roof tops and electric vehicles.

Services include all kinds of beauty and wellness treatment including holistic and alternative healing services such as reflexology, naturopathy, massage, aromatherapy, and so on.

If your product or service is not in one of these categories, surprise us, reach out and tell us more!

We are also on the lookout for movers, shakers, thinkers, talkers, innovators and those who want to collaborate and contribute to sustainability in Malta.

A key part of our Eco Market is the activities that take place in parallel with the events. Perhaps you want to give a talk, impart tips, tell a story, play music, do an exhibition or a workshop? We are always looking for dynamic individuals who want to share their ideas with the visitors of the Eco Market.

Want to collaborate with us? Perhaps you want to up your eco-credentials while helpign us keep doing what we do? Eco Market is always looking for businesses who share our same values to team up with and help spread our message even further. Not only will collaborations or sponsorships boost your environmental profile, but you can also benefit from the followers and supporters that make up the conscious community that we have build over the past couple of years.

To discuss the mutual benefits of working with us in this way, please contact us.

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