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Welcome to Eco Market Malta! We are a social enterprise working in the field of Environmental Sustainability by promoting eco-friendly and zero-waste products. We are advocates for ethical businesses and conscious consumerism and promote UN Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible Production and Consumption.

Eco Market Malta’s core mission is to inspire people to learn about sustainability, assist them to transit to a more sustainable lifestyle, and facilitate the purchase of sustainable products. As the leading eco-friendly platform in Malta, we connect the responsible consumer with the sustainable producer, thus providing a space and opportunity for small, local, green businesses to shine and thrive.

In December 2010, we launched Coral, ane-commerce platform for the eco-consciouss and the health-conscious consumer providing a unique online shopping experience and 100% customer satisfaction.


Shop by what’s most important to you! On Coral, it is easy and convenient to chose your everyday shopping products, according to your own ethics and principles.


Quality is not a luxury. Coral works with merchants who prove to be authentic, run their business in an exemplary way and provide excellent customer service.


Discover our dynamic search on Coral, and find products by their sustainability features; vegan, cruelty-free, fair trade, compostable, recycled, zero waste, and so on.

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