To promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle

At the market you will find all the right people, products, services, and information to help you lead a sustainable lifestyle in your home, workplace and community. It is also an opportunity to link the urban and rural community, and to promote public health.


To safeguard the environment

Everyone can learn to make small conscious choices on a daily basis that will work to have a better impact on the environment, for example by reducing waste, choosing sustainable materials and products, and re-using and recycling. Through informative talks and workshops you will gain new insights about how to be more environmentally friendly.


To support local small businesses

Providing economic opportunities for small to medium creative and artisan businesses that prioritise environmental sustainability in their operational practices, and help them reach their full potential.


To enrich the community

Creating an active public space bringing together diverse people, to communicate, interact and exchange ideas. Our network of NGOs and Social Enterprises will provide various organized activities aimed at raising awareness and promote environmental principles in a way that is fun, welcoming, non-judgmental, and easy to understand for everybody.


To inspire others

Introducing personalised ethical and environmentally sustainable activities for businesses who want to elevate their Corporate Social Responsibility, instilling pride in their employees and encouraging customer loyalty.


To boost Eco-tourism

Showcasing Malta as a pro-active, innovative, Eco-friendly country and promote Eco-tourism to create a meaningful tourist experience.


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