Decorative Ceramic Eggs – Seagulls Collection


Here is where ceramic eggs become vessels of wonder, crafted by a gifted artist nestled in the heart of Malta. Picture a scene where seagulls gracefully glide and swoop, their wings catching the ocean breeze as they dance upon the azure waves.

In hues of serene blues and pristine whites, these decorative eggs capture the essence of freedom, of boundless energy swirling around the sea. Each delicate brushstroke whispers tales of adventure, inviting you to join the seagulls in their graceful ballet above the sparkling waters.

As you hold these charming creations in your hands, feel the breeze of possibility, the promise of exploration and discovery. Let them adorn your space with a touch of seaside enchantment, filling your heart with the joy of endless horizons and the soothing rhythm of the tides.


Add-ons total:



Oil Painted Ceramic

Big 20 cm H

Medium 15 cm H

Small 10 cm H

We are committed to sustainability; we utilize recycled paint and mordente.


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