Painting Abstract – number 1


This is a realm where colours dance and shapes intertwine, where every stroke whispers secrets of the soul. It is a masterpiece born from the heart of Malta, where azure blues, emerald greens, and hints of golden sunlight converge upon a canvas of endless possibility.

In this captivating acrylic on paper, framed with care, geometric forms pulsate with life. They seem to move with a rhythm all their own, evoking a sense of boundless energy, a symphony of dynamism that electrifies the senses.

Yet, amidst this vibrant dance, there lies a tranquil invitation. A call to journey within, to embark on a soul-searching odyssey guided by the hand of the artist. With each gaze, one can feel the resonance of her spirit, infused into every hue and contour.

Let yourself be swept away by the enchantment of this painting. Allow its magic to recharge your spirit, to awaken the wanderer within. For in its depths, lies not just a work of art, but a portal to realms unseen, waiting to be explored by those with the courage to venture forth.


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Acrylic on Paper


Size 63 cm x 63 cm

We are committed to sustainability; we utilize recycled paint and mordente, along with canvases and paper sourced from recycled materials.


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