Painting Sea Storm – number 1


This mesmerizing painting, born from the creative depths of an artist and designer nestled in the scenic landscapes of Malta, is executed with oil on canvas. The masterpiece captures the tumultuous beauty of a stormy sea.

Vibrant shades of blue, swirling in myriad tones, mingle with pristine whites, evoking a sense of mystery and awe. Feel the energy crackling in the air, carried by the powerful waves crashing against unseen shores.

As you gaze upon this enchanting scene, you’ll sense a beckoning, a call to explore realms beyond the ordinary. Perhaps it leads to a land of magic, or perhaps it whispers of the wonders hidden within our own souls.


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Oil on Canvas

Size 40 x 60 cm

We are committed to sustainability; we utilize recycled paint and mordente, along with canvases and paper sourced from recycled materials.


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