Tin U Harrub Black Tea


This is a special Maltese blend that combines the rich flavours of figs and carob with premium black tea leaves.

In Malta, carob is a beloved ingredient with a long history of use in culinary and cultural traditions. Known locally as “harrub,” carob adds a sweet and nutty flavour to dishes and beverages.

This tea offers a complex and satisfying flavour profile. The robust and malty notes of the black tea are complemented by the natural sweetness of figs and the earthy richness of carob.

The result is a full-bodied and indulgent tea with layers of flavour to explore.


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Tin U Harrub Black Tea

60g package


Black Tea Ceylon OP*, Black Tea Assam from South India*, cinnamon sticks*, fig (fig, rice flour), date (date, rice flour), Ceylon cinnamon*, carob*, cardamom*, clove*, powdered cinnamon*, rose petals*.* Certified organic.


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