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We are a team of creative people with the aim to make effective change by spreading awareness about environmental sustainability.

Our goal is to help as many people to make that one small shift towards a greener life; one simple and easy action at a time, that will have a very positive long-term impact.

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Climate change is an increasingly hot topic and businesses will benefit in being responsible and pro-active. Demonstrate that your company takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and invest in Eco-friendly merchandise. Find something ideal for your conference needs and corporate gifts. Help the environment and at the same time promote your business effectively!


Sustainable Living Corporate Events

Modern consumers love supporting brands that care about the environment, so by being eco-friendly, you can attract more (and more loyal) customers, meaning bigger profits and more success. We propose a full day activity-packed event featuring sustainable solutions through lifestyle, work and play, focused on advancing conscious thinking to mid and upper level management and corporate associates. Held in an exceptionally unique venue, with the participation of University professors and personal vegeterian chefs, this event is set to instill positive change in today’s leaders inevitably impacting the rest of the personnel.


Team-Building Workshops

A number of hands-on workshops to choose from with a common objective: To make long-lasting positive impact through small daily actions. Few examples are: How to grow your own food at home; How to make trash art; How to up-cycle old items and clothing; How to properly sort waste; How to live minimalistic. Provide the opportunity to your employees to become Eco-conscious and enjoy the collateral benefits of a green workforce.


Eco-friendly Children’s Parties

Celebrating a child’s birthday doesn’t have to be excessive, wasteful and at the cost of the Environment. It is very important that we teach our children the importance of taking care of our planet and live in a sustainable way. It all starts by giving the good example. Ditch those balloons and let us show you how to throw a fun and beautiful Eco-friendly party!


Your One Stop Shop for everything Eco Friendly

Thanks to our extensive network of vendors and collaborators, we have built a portfolio with several products from all possible categories. We take pride in working only with genuine and authentic suppliers so that you can rest your mind that the items we recommend are 100% Eco friendly. Click here to see a list of Eco friendly products and services we can help you source.

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