TAPP Water SL was started by Alex (Germany) and Magnus (Sweden) in 2014 after they spent considerable time reseraching over 60 different filtration processes with the goal of finding an affordable solution that provides pure, clean drinking water at home.

In 2020 this technology arrived in Malta and in June TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd became the official distributor providing local product delivery and consumer support.

In Malta we have the goal of eliminating the use of 5 million plastic bottles by 2023, part of the wider mission of TAPP Water globally to remove 10 billion plastic bottles.

Our leading product is the TAPP 2 Twist water filter that attaches to your kitchen tap and can be fitted easily without tools to most kitchen taps in Malta. For those occasions when needed we can help you fit and provide adapters for taps when its needed; so far we have fitted succesfully with 95% of kitchen taps in Malta.

The TAPP 2 TWIST gives you great tasting water directly from your tap and the 5 stage advanced technology filter deals with the 80+ common contaminants found in Malta water. We offer a 45 day guarrantee with a full refund on return of product – we can confidently offer this as currently we have 99% satisfaction with hundreds of units being used daily in households like yours.

TAPP 2 TWIST has been independently tested in the USA and Europe and certified in the removal/reduction of all common contaminants that affect our public water supply in Malta and is the only sustainable water filtration solution in Malta.

The water filter refills are replaced every 3 months and can be purchased in a twin pack for 6 months or an annual pack at just €60 a year for all your pure, clean drinking water. There are no maintainence costs and its easy to change the filters yourself. We deliver for free in Malta and Gozo.

The plastic casing for the refills is not discarded and can be reused time and time again, when it reaches the end of its life it can be recycled. With only 4 small refills discarded per year there is the barest minimum of waste into the environment in Malta.

Save €10 on the TAPP 2 TWIST when using the discount code ECOMARKET on our online shop at www.tappwater.mt

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