The Veg Box

There is so much more to farming than just the production of food. Like there is so much more to a vegetable shop than selling vegetables. It is a way of life, a responsibility and an honor.

Many people have been born into the farming life, whilst others choose it. Both see it as their vocation, profession and purpose in this world. But these times have brought about a shift in priorities where often, food, and food producers are not valued. This is a crisis for the people of a nation, and one that needs to be accepted and addressed soon. 

When we talk about farming in 2019, we must use the word sustainable attached to it with glue. The word sustainable comes from something being “upheld or defended”.

To The Veg Box, sustainable organic farming means: defending and upholding the importance of the citizens, the farming community, the people of a nation, the soil, the insects, the birds and all the living flora and fauna that make up our bio-diversity. Ultimately, these aspects of life are what give us a happy, healthy life, in a natural and balanced environment for us and the generations to come.  To us this is the true and only definition of organic living.

Our purpose is to help create better options for the citizens of the future. We have the knowledge and the expertise to create the real sustainable life that our future generations deserve and for this reason our focus is on improving awareness and growing a new generation of citizens and farmers who understand the importance of the above mentioned points and act accordingly. 

The Veg Box originated from a simple gardening job in 2012. Over the last 7 years we have created a community around the service that we provide.We are an MCCAA certified organic retail outlet and market stall which hubs the best local, seasonal and organic certified fruits and vegetables from the island. We work with 5 farmers who pledge, through their work, to do good for the environment, for their plants and ultimately for the citizens who choose their food.

Together we would like to create more and more awareness of the power of peoples choice through their consumers habits. There is good food on this island and there are good people growing it. We need to support them and also value the work enough in order to encourage a new generation of both conscious consumers and valued farmers. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the monthly Eco Market. A unique space created for the citizens of Malta to come, shop, learn, meet and enjoy in a conscious environment and at positive impact event. 

The Veg Box team are looking forward to sharing our passion for farming, growing food, stewarding the land, community, our natural land and all the other aspects of Eco-literacy that we encourage. We have many interesting things to share so do come and visit!

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