Viva City

Vivacity Ltd., was set up here locally to bring Malta a stunning innovation which was created in our neighbouring country, Greece. This technique for greening roofs gives the building a useable green space on the otherwise barren roof, so often seen especially here in Malta.

Apart from that it provides natural insulation against the heat and cold as well as a natural cooling system in summer which dramatically reduces the need for air conditioning. In this way, the occupants feel more comfortable, spend less on heating and cooling and have all the benefits of a fully organic garden complete with herbs and flowering plants from Mediterranean nature.

As this system copies the surrounding countryside’s ecosystem, it also survives with very little water. For Malta, whose drinking water comes from the sea through energy intensive and costly, reverse osmosis, this is a very important consideration.

Malta’s population has exploded over the last few years, giving rise to more and more construction. This has resulted in a lot more dust in the atmosphere, and the effects on health have been
severely exacerbated.

The more living plants grown in such areas, the greater the surface area of leaves and soil to which the dust can adhere and in doing so, take it out of the atmosphere. Living plants combat air pollution by taking up carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, therefore improving the health of the nearby residents.

The beauty of our green roof system is that is uses plants that occur naturally in Mediterranean climate zones. They create an ecosystem on your roof which provides food and shelter for other wild plants, insects and birds. The owner of such a green roof benefits from cleaner air, lower electricity bills, a natural butterfly garden to relax in; all while providing a wider service to biodiversity, reduction of street level flooding and community health.

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