Workshop Booking:

Join this workshop for:

πŸ₯‘ Knowledge sharing on ‘The Challenge of Food Choices in the Modern World, and Guidelines on How to Make Conscious and Good Food Choices’

πŸ₯‘ Basic Group Activities focused on essential kitchen skills in Food Preparation

πŸ₯‘ Live Demonstration of a Cooking Technique for Plant Based Foods

πŸ₯‘ Education and Demonstration of How to Use Spices, to enhance flavours, aromas and colours naturally

πŸ₯‘ Promoting self-healing in the body

Workshop fee: Eur 10 per person

Cost of workshop includes: 

Tastings and a PDF with easy vegan recipes (to be emailed to all participants)

About your Hosts:

Philen Naidu

Philen is known as ‘That Indian Food Guy, and together with his Life Partner Kirsty, has been hosting regular Cooking Classes on Malta since April 2018. He also serves as the Ayurvedic cook and mentor on Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness retreats, and he is a Master of Spices.

Philen’s area of expertise is in the traditional use of natural plant foods, according to ancient traditions, for the well-being of the body and mind. 
His passion is to teach and share skills, so that others may be empowered to cook at home, using natural and plant-based ingredients, so they may experience the benefits of a natural and plant-based lifestyle. Some of these benefits include improved energy levels, stabilized sleeping patterns, a strengthened Immune System, and a healthy Digestive System; ultimately leading to a noticeable reduction in illness and disease symptoms. Philen was diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ autoimmune disease in 2007, and has begun reversing that disease over the past 7 years, primarily with his food choices.

He began following his mother around the kitchen from age 9, and over the last 35 years, he has studied and practiced daily, across approximately 40 countries.

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