Workshop Booking:

Join this workshop to learn: 
🌿 How nature and the environment can contribute to good health 
🌿 Why growing your own food is so beneficial to your health
🌿 How simple it is to grow some of your food at home, in your yard, roof or balcony, even if you don’t have a garden!
🌿 The importance of healthy soil
🌿 How to fertilize with natural soil amendments
🌿 How to read package labels
🌿 Understanding the difference between organic and non-organic foods
🌿 The dilemma between local vs overseas food items
🌿 How to improve your eating habits

➡ Friday 26.07 & Saturday 27.07, 6-8pm – Fort St Elmo
➡ Bring a small compost bag with you to the workshop instead of throwing it out.

➡ €12 per person. Advance booking recommended.