Workshop Booking (How to grow your own food at home even if you don’t have a garden)

Join this workshop to learn: 
🌿 How nature and the environment can contribute to good health 
🌿 Why growing your own food is so beneficial to your health
🌿 How simple it is to grow some of your food at home, in your yard, roof or balcony, even if you don’t have a garden!
🌿 The importance of healthy soil
🌿 How to fertilize with natural soil amendments
🌿 How to read package labels
🌿 Understanding the difference between organic and non-organic foods
🌿 The dilemma between local vs overseas food items
🌿 How to improve your eating habits

➡ Saturday 12 October

➡ Biskuttin (between Phoenicia and MC Car Park) – Floriana

➡ During Eco Market

➡ 2pm-4pm

➡ Workshop conducted by Nadia Cassar, Gardenscapes Gardening Services

➡ €15 per person. Advance booking recommended. Please fill in the form below.

➡ Bring a small compost bag with you to the workshop instead of throwing it out.

➡ Nadia will be distributing a handout with a recap of the workshop and a list of sowing and planting times for the Southern Mediterranean climate.

REVIEWS – What others say about this workshop:

“I would definitely recommend Nadia’s workshop, as she is a very inspirational and like-able person with a hungry thirst for knowledge of all things natural. She gave us very useful tips about growing a garden in small spaces and was very willing to answer any questions put forward by the participants.” – Denise Farrugia

About Nadia

Nadia discovered her passion for nature when she received her first plant at age 6. From then onward, her love for plants took over her entire house and life. She left a senior management position to heal herself through gardening and started her own business Gardenscapes Gardening Service, in 2018, to show others how to garden using simple tools and natural methods without the use of harmful chemicals.

Nadia has 30 years hands-on practice in small house gardens, roof gardens, yards and balconies. She has attended several courses including: ‘The Permaculture Circle’ by Geoff Lawton and ‘Intro to Permaculture’ at the Oregon State University, among many others. Her specialization is focused toward the Mediterranean Climate and addressing arid conditions.

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