Incorporating environmental strategies is now a priority for every business. Our aim is to provide sustainable solutions for companies who want to align their business with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and providing an engaging and memorable experience.

Team Building Activities - more than just events!

Activities that are both enjoyable and educational. Empower your workforce to adopt a greener, healthier lifestyle, fostering effectiveness and harmony at the workplace. 

We design activities to:

Transform the workplace’s mindset towards sustainability
Develop environmental and socio-cultural awareness
Forge a stronger bond between employees
Minimize negative impacts on the environment

Eco-friendly Staff Parties - keep it low-carbon!

When organizing a work brunch, a Christmas Staff Party or a special client event, we recognize that these small gatherings can impact your E in ESG. Our events are designed to decrease your carbon footprint by a minimum of 50%.

Our events offer:

Delectable plant-based menus featuring meat-like options that are indistinguishable in taste
Exclusive use of local food and beverage supplies and production
Versatility in accommodating various attractions, entertainment, music, ambiance and themes. 


Corporate Gifting - the Sustainable way!

Here is a fresh perspective on Corporate Gifting with our thoughtfully curated gifts. Embrace these solutions that bring multiple benefits – a win for everyone involved.

Our products are:

Plastic-free and with sustainable ,biodegradable packaging
Low in carbon-footprint
Ethically and sustainably sourced materials and ingredients

It's a win-win-win scenario

A company that prioritizes employee well-being and social responsibility cultivates a more engaged and motivated workforce.

A company that embodies a dedication to sustainability appeals to consumers who demand eco-friendly business practices.

A company that embraces sustainability can achieve cost savings, heightened competitiveness, and long-term financial success.

Past customers

What others say

“Zen and her team’s sustainable climate change mission deserves a thumbs up! We felt welcomed and enjoyed a tour of an organic farm with amazing views, and also learned more about how organic farming works. There are no words to describe the passion that our host has towards the environment and sustainable farming. For our team event, we officially adopted 3 trees and had a healthy lunch from the local harvest. Great event for both family outings and team-building with friends and colleagues.”

Christine Hili, Head of HR, Rootz Ltd

“A refreshing day out of the office and surrounded by fields. It was amazing to see the work being done at the plac and how relatively easy it is to grow food organically in your balcony. The passion shown by the host is really motivating…. I would recommend this day out to anyone who wants a break out of the norm and experience something different as a team or as a family. It was a hassle-free and problem-free experience. You just go there and enjoy it!”

Matthew Caruana, CEO, JAYE Malta Foundation

“We had a very nice time during the workshop with insightful demonstrations. Everything was clearly explained and all our questions were answered within a real-time experience on the actual farm. Information given prior to the event was very helpful, and the overall organisation was set as promised. Organic food and the beautiful landscape only added more value to it!”

Pelin Uner, EIT Hub Researcher, MCAST

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